pressure transmitter DMP 334
Industrial Pressure Transmitter for High Pressure; Thinfilm Sensor; long-term stability; pressure sensor welded

DMP 334

stainless steel sensor (welded)
plant and mechanical engineering

The industrial pressure transmitter DMP 334 has been especially designed for use in hydraulic systems up to 2200 bar. The base element of DMP 334 is a thinfilm sensor, that is welded with the pressure port and meets high demands of foolproofness and reliability.

All of characteristics and the excellent mesurement data of DMP 334 as well as distinguished offset stability offer a pressure transmiter with easy handling, reliability and robustness for hydraulic user. The DMP 334 is deliverable with pressure ports of extrem pressure technics.


  • nominal pressure: 0 ... 600 bar up to 0 ... 2.200 bar
  • 0.35 %
  • pressure sensor welded
  • extremly robust and excellent longterm stability

Optional Features

  • IS-version
    Ex ia = intrinsically safe for gases and dusts
  • pressure port M20 x 1.5 oder 9/16 UNF
  • adjustability of span and offset
  • different kinds of electrical connections

Areas of application

  • mechanical and plant engineering mechanical and plant engineering
  • laboratory laboratory
  • utility vehicles / mobile hydraulics utility vehicles / mobile hydraulics


  • fuels and oils fuels and oils


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