DataFly - Remote monitoring of processes and measurement

Industrial sensors that measure pressure, temperature, humidity, CO2 or liquid level transmit data using IoT technologies (Ethernet, Wifi, GSM, SigFox, Lorawan, NB-IoT) using the MQTT communication protocol to the cloud storage. The data is managed and analyzed here. Another advantage is easy backup and sharing. It is possible to use the Tanix cloud platform for data visualization, or to create a custom web application presenting clearly selected relevant information.

The "Big data" information obtained can be used to optimize and automate processes. Within the DataFly cluster, we offer BD SENSORS pressure and level sensors with RS 485 interface (Modbus RTU) and temperature sensors, rel. humidity and CO2 from Sensit with RS 485 interface (Modbus RTU). Depending on the selected data transfer technology, DataFly modules from Papouch (WiFi) or DataFly modules from BD SENSORS (SigFox, LoRa, NB-IoT) can be used to connect the sensors. At the customer's request, the module can be extended to measure any quantity, as long as the sensor has a corresponding interface.


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