The company BD SENSORS s.r.o. specializes in biometric systems and provides the most suitable solution for personal identification. We are one of the leaders in the field of biometric technologies in the Czech Republic and with more than 5,000 installations, we have built a significant competitive advantage and the strong market position.

We offer a wide range of products focused on the real needs and requirements of customers. We mainly provide analysis, design, system development and production.

In development and production, we specialize in the HW of information kiosks, which are used for identification of persons and their verification with the help of various technologies. Contactless RFID technologies, fingerprint sensors, and facial recognition are actively used.

Our devices are used by our business partners mainly to integrate their own SW solutions.

Thanks to these possibilities, our HW can be used in many areas. We also offer comprehensive solutions for waste management. We will ensure electronic identification, registration and transparency. We also offer very sophisticated equipment in the field of education.

Examples of applications

•  attendance systems

•  catering systems

•  management and issue from the warehouse

•  dispensing and access to medicines

•  access system

•   increase of efficiency and speed up production processes

•  securing and managing entrances to kindergarten

Contact - safyID, safy2

Hana Houdková

Product manager

mobil: +420 724 463 572

Contact - safyWASTE

Jan Haničinec

Product manager

mobil: +420 572 411 428

  • Entry and registration electronic system for kindergartens.
  • The system is developed on the basis of direct requirements of kindergartens with a reflection on specific practice.
  • We are a direct manufacturer and developer of both SW and HW parts of the entire system (made in CZ).
  • The system is primarily chip-based.
  • The second optional alternative for identification at the entrance door to the kindergarten can be used so-called hash (fingerprint template) - with reference to the rapid development of technology and long-term investment from the point of view of the kindergarten.
  • The user advantage of the system is the clear and intuitive operation of the system directly on the PC.
  • The important functionality is the automatic monitoring of the validity of chips and their automatic removal from the database.
  • The system can also be used in the field of master data, human resources, attendance, print reports, etc.
  • Electronic records of passages are often used in practice as an "electronic book of arrivals and departures of employees" (attendance).
  • The safy system is a very sophisticated device that is unique in the SW within the Czechia.
  • Since the launch of the system on the market in 2016 the door opened for us to cooperate with hundreds of kindergartens throughout the Czech Republic.
  • Digital solution for registration and identification of citizens at the collection yards using the identity cards.
  • Designed and developed in close cooperation with municipalities and the founders of collection yards.
  • In accordance with GDPR and applicable legislation.
  • In contrast to chips, cards, QR codes, the identity card does not burden the operator with its administration.
  • High transparency and degradation of non-addressed waste.
  • Overview and registration of waste generated by business activities.
  • Reports on the amount of waste (weekly, monthly, email, pdf,…).
  • Connection with scales, traffic lights, barriers, cameras.
  • Possibility of cashless transactions.
  • Fast return of investment.
  • Remote manufacturer support.
  • Czech product.


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Czech Republic

Tel. +420 572 411 011

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