Meetings and negotiations in BD SENSORS

Last week, several important meetings and negotiations took place in our company.

On Tuesday, May 16, 2023, an informal meeting of the members of the Czech Space Alliance (ČVA) = association of companies active in the space industry took place. The goal was to enable the personal meeting of the managers of individual companies, to discuss the course of existing joint contracts and projects, to find new opportunities and to discuss the next strategy of CVA's action in the space industry. Part of the program was the visit to the production premises of member companies 5M / Kunovice and BD SENSORS / Buchlovice. The end of the meeting took place in a friendly spirit at the Center of Regional Traditions in the Hotel Skanzen Modrá, where was the room for a number of informal meetings and tasting of excellent wine products from world and regional production.

On Wednesday, May 17, 2023, the visit to the strategic customer MAIA Space – France took place. The main goal was the planned inspection day as part of the implementation of the project in the area of Space Propulsion. As part of the visit, there was a personal meeting between the managers of both companies, including the discussion on the topic of new contracts. Part of the program was a visit to the production premises of BD SENSORS / Buchlovice. The customer was satisfied with the current progress of the project and appreciated the work of BDS, including our partner OteSpace.

On Thursday 18 May 2023, an official visit of a delegation from the Directorate of Space Activities of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic led by the President of the Czech Delegation to ESA Mr. JUDr. Václav Kobera took place here. Members of the delegation were also important delegates of the Czech Republic in ESA, Dr. Ondřej Rohlík and Ing. Ondřej Šváb, head of the Department of Space Technologies and Applications of the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic. The main topic was the introduction and presentation of our company's production facilities, including discussions on the future direction of space activities at BD SENSORS. The delegation of the MD of the CR expressed interest in continuing mutual cooperation in building space activities and wished BDS a successful operation in the space industry.



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