Visit from Labour Office Kromeríž and UH at BD SENSORS

Recently, our company was visited by Ing. Bc. Ondřej Piňous, Director of the Contact Department of the Labor Office Kroměříž, Ing. Roman Veselý, director of the Contact Department of the Labor Office Uh. Hradiště, head of the labor market department Ing. Jana Muchová and B.Sc. Petr Neuman DiS, ALMPs expert.

The gentlemen were really impressed by our space program, which BD SENSORS Space is fully dedicated to. The outcome was the fact that they would like to arrange a visit by educational advisors from schools. These advisors would actively participate in field trips to companies and would then be able to motivate and direct students at schools to suitable secondary schools and fields of study that manufacturing companies need. BD SENSORS will also make connections with colleagues from the VISC career counseling company, who, in cooperation with the labour office and primary and secondary schools, should find solutions in the education of students in the fields and competencies that modern manufacturing companies need, also with regard to new technologies, IoT , Industry 4.0, AI, etc.



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