differential pressure transmitter DMD 331

DMD 331

stainless steel sensor
plant and mechanical engineering

The DMD 331 is a differential pressure transmitter for industrial applications and is based on a piezoresistive stainless steel sensor, which can be pressurized on both sides with fluids or gases compatible with SST 1.4404 and 1.4435.

The compact design allows an integration of the DMD 331 in machines and applications with limited space. The DMD 331 calculates the difference between the pressure on the positive and the negative side and converts it into a proportional electrical signal.


  • differential pressure 0 ... 20 mbar up to 0 ... 16 bar
  • 0.5 %
  • 2 piezoresistive stainless steel sensors
  • media separation through stainless steel 1.4435 diaphragm
  • differential pressure wet / wet
  • permissible static pressure -one sided- up to 30 times of differential pressure range
  • compact design
  • mechanical robust and relieable at dynamic pressure as well as shock and vibration

Areas of application

  • mechanical and plant engineering mechanical and plant engineering
  • energy industry energy industry


  • fuels and oils fuels and oils
  • water water


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